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WHAT A QUEST i have BEEN ON!!! FIRst of all SORRY if i didnt spend much time with some of you guys this winter break because i had tons of plans and lots of stuff to doo!!! only if this break went on forever then i can do so much more stuff with everyone!

DEc21- ROUND 2 SKIING! LAST exam today as it was the end of the world!! looks like not apocalyptic explosion! after the exam decided to do some christmas shopping with a few friends and there was sure alot of people. DAng i am not good at finding gifts unless i got a really good idea of what to get! pretty much finished my christmas shopping today! SPENDING so much money imma become a hobo any minute. after shopping ivan gave us a ride back and we were off to skiiing. LMAO since it was so cold like -27 with that windsheild… everyone was turning down the ski plan and wow was that lame. GOod thing me and ivan were still down to go and i guess that dragged eliz and emily there too! after that there came amy Jenny and wendy!! Then sharon and kalan also came too. man was that super fun or what! we were all skiing and chilling at the same time! SO fun with friends!  AFTERSKII PARTYY AHAHHA!! dangg Jenny’s house the late night party house!!! big sleep over too.  always the place for late night talks and juice sharing! also the place for delicous mid night snack AHHAHHAHA.  WE stayed there till 5 or so i believe  5 AM . HAHA oh yeah and i took the car too. it was pretty scary because it was my first time driving our old new car!! good thing there barely anybody at that time! LMAO good thing i had extra eyes on the road too. Emily was a human gps LOL! Almost forgot, i brought alcohol too to crank the  party up!!! J-KAY . its sure is fun seeing other people gulp down alcohol!!! what a BLAST today was.

DeC22 - HAPPY birthday LAsa ! woke up at 4 pm or so….. LMAO not a good idea but having some party lag here! HAD TO go back to work and was pretty busy because so many people doing thier last minute christmas shopping! I kinda invited myself because ivan invited me and then i invited lauren and she invited calvin!! HAHAHA PARTY TRAIN! initially everyone was going to leave around 12 but then most of us decided to sleep over later! Good thing cause i showed up at around 11 HAHAH. HOALy lasa has like a bar inside her basement. man does she know how to make drinks ! like a bartender mixing those drinks. we played pool to karaoke to watching movies!! WE PARTYING LIKE A G 6. The party was SICK and i had lots of fun! reconnected with everyone there and got a bit tipsy! we stayed up late and fell asleep on the couches! woke up and made delicouss Homecooked breakfeasttt! yummm. hooaly cow seems like im not even home anymore these day.THanks you lLauren for driving and thanks for the party lasa! 

dec 23- THE PARTY CONTINUES and goes on AHHAHA!! never ending party! so after lasa house we decided we not done partying yet so we decided to go to Christines  CHRISTMAS/birthday party!!!! hoaly WAY more people showed up then planned hahahah! SO we had to first go to ivan’s house so he can shower and freshen up . Then next thing was Amy’s house for her to get ready. dang we were all  DIrty and stinky. only i didn’t get to shower. STINKY DIRTY. Finally we were ready and arrived to christines house seeing everybody there. ahaha such a good reunion cause sheila and shara BOTh came to visit. BIG partyyy!!! we watched that FAT-AMy show! and man was it a pretty good show! the way the girl smiles is beautiful and how she mixes the music up like a DJ  was mind blowing! chrstine made some sick Buns and HAHAHA. We did everything from facetiming, movies, gingerbread house, yearbook , to singing and dancing HAHAH!! CHRISTINE”S PARENT and sister know me as FACEBOOK BOSS SO FUNNY. i even got to meet them!!! felt so famouss like a rock starrr. fianlly came home todayy. 

dec 24- RECOVERY DAY!!! the only day i was home so far there was no family event LMAO.  my auntie came over for christmas and her baby is SO cute and gentle! had alot to catch up today especially my sleep and time with family! cant believe christmas was tommorow!  was being lazy all day and didnt do much. OH had to wrapped lots of gifts for people. was pretty funn. Just sticking to my tradition of using newspaper! FREE WRAPPING PAPEr. was SO behind cause i had so much left to do! We Gooogle + almost till the sun came out ! i guess we were waiting for SANTA to drop down the chimney with all the gifts he had!! PLZ hope its not goal.

Dec 25 - CHRISTMAS!! HO HO HO! woke up early to open gifts!!! i guess Santa really knew when i was sleeeping because he must of came right when i fell asleeep! got a new shaver and some books! so far. OMG lauren got me my favorite shirt too haoly cow she sure splurged a lot! it was the one shift i really really wanted !! Also chocolates and piciture frame from my co worker! THANKs EVERYBODY! finished my last minute wrapping and played rockband with my dad and brother AHHAHA. WE PARTYING LIKE A ROCKSTAR! was pretty fun! Soon it was time for dinnner and went over to my grandmas house and the WHOLE FAM JAM was there! good to see everyone there especially my auntie that came over with her baby! Everybody brought tons of gift for everybody and there was a HUGE feast! ate till my stomach was guna burst any minute. that turkeyyyy!!!! my uncles made us some drinks and hoaly jolly rancer is delicouss! got tipsey in about 2 drinks OMG lol felt so weird to be kinda drunk with family instead of friends!! dang 151 is so STRONg. LATER IT WAS PRESENTS. everybody opened all their gifts one by one and eevrybody was happy! Got lots of shifts ! THANKS EVERYBODY! MERRYCHRISTMAS EVERYBODy

dec 26- BOXING  DAY!had to put on those gloves and prepare for the match! OMG did a ALL NIGHTER ! and did nnot get any sleep at all! probably because the team canada jionor hockey team was playing at around 1 to 4 and needed to get ready for some SHOPPING! waiting forever for ivan to come but EVEntaully we all arrived!! ahah had to drop off some stuff cuz the car was jam PACKED! ARRIved at westedmonton mall and man there was A MASSIVe ammount of people already! people even park on the side of the grass! barely any parking whent he mall was just about to open -_- Ivan got a SICk board eventually and we lined up for some cheap jewerly LMAO!! 1 DALLOr hoaly cow no wonder there was so many people waiting. so lucky we were able to get the last one! shop shop shop and there was barely anything for me to buy! there was some good deals but nothing really for me! we all were tired and shopped all day already so we eventaully  called it a day and then SLEEPOVEr at ivans house bEgun AHHAH! WE first settled down and showed everybody our gifts! OH ya we went for chicken wings at bOSton pizzza too ANd danggit they chnaged the price! not as cheap now :(. LAME . ate so many haoly my stomach was gunna die! WE OPENed our gifts for each other and we all celebrated a late christmas! Stayed up all night with us passing out from time to time espeically amy and elliz HAHAH!! i think they passed out! watched spiderman and Avengers and flashpion!! DANGG so GOOOD! decided to finalyl sleep and slept in a freezing room with no pillow and a very think blanket! almsot froze omg! 

dec 27 - 2nD RECOVERY day. woke up at god who know what time! made GINGERBREAD TRAIN AHAH that i got from amy !! THANKS omg looked amazing after!! too bad its not as tasty as it looks!! MAde breakfeast and dang ivans mom noodle was gooD! and i guess it wa eventually time to go home! amy’s dad gave us a ride home and it was a ROAD trip[ HAHAhah . ATE a fantastic feast today too and didnt even know my auntie left already. sure misssed my family ! LAuren visited too and gave her our gift!! hahaha  caught up with her alot and talked! CHip dip is soo good !!Also took a HUGE dump too



FINALyl 1 week of SHCOOL IS OVER!!! LOL btw it was only 3 days tooo AHHAH!!! but man was it a long 3 dAY!!!  universtiy life is still okay but next week HOMEOWRK is going to hit and labs  gunna start!!! OMg gunna have no time to do anythign! might have to stop workign at a adn w too!! GUNNA be LOADs of stuff to do!!/

OMG my UNIVERsity TEAcehr SO FUNNY AND INTESEN! lol can swear and joke around with us! BUT HOALy my MATH TEACHER teaches us math in such a different way I dont even REGonize it!!!! HOALYYY  im so lost too!! ayaii gotat review so MUCH!!

TODAY WENT BIKING WITH ME FRAZNZZ!! ayay TOO abd no car LOL so can do much but bike!!!  WENt o GRAb some DELICOUS food at wendies and MUCHO buritooo!!!  LATER tlaking outsdie my friends house MORE and MORE people kept showing up LOL so ended up talking for a couple HOURS!! AHHAHAH its WAs a VERY GOOD talk!!! cathcing UP ewith EVEryone !!!! WHAt a GOOD reunion!!

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